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DARPA, European Human Brain Project, and Pentagon advisor Dr. James Giordano describes neuronanorobotic Brain to computer interface mind control weapons for remote monitoring and manipulation of brains neural circuitry. Plus is it possible that Donald Trump and Kanye West are under the influence of this technology?


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Manipulation of Human Nervous System by Radiofrequency Radiation

Inspired by Polish organization we started the anti 5G campaign in the Czech Republic by publishing a series of open letters to the Czech government on multitude of  independent media. We are convinced that publishing an open letter each week or two weeks will have an impact on decisions of the Czech government. We are using scientific experiments to prove the danger connected to 5G technology. The Open letters are signed by our organization Citizens Association for the Ban of Manipulation of Human Nervous System by Radiofrequency Radiation and in this way we are acquiring credit for our cause among the Czech population. Sometimes in the future we can use our credit to publish an Open letter asking for the Ban of mind control technologies. Below I am e-mailing you our second Open letter in the English translation. For the next few Open letters we will use the scientific experiments  described in the article by Olle Johanson from thier original sources. Below is the English translation of  our second article, which was accepted by an Internet news site with about 300.000 readers.

Mojmir Babacek 


Samuel Koslov, a leading personality of the project Pandora of the American Navy and researcher at the John Hopkins University, in the closing speech at the conference on Nonlinear Electrodynamics in Biological Systems in 1983 said that the conference had proven that the external electromagnetic fields can ”become a key to the cellular control console. The implications, social, economic, and even military are enormous... If much of what we have heard is indeed correct, it may be not less significant to the nation than the prospects that faced the physics community in 1939 when the long-time predicted fissionability of the nucleus was actually demonstrated. You may recall the famous letter of Albert Einstein to President Roosvelt. When we’re in a position to do so in terms of our proofs, I would propose that an analogous letter is required”. If today, some 36 years later, some government wants to implement a cell phone system, which will fill the atmosphere in its state with high intensity electromagnetic radiation, without studying the consequences, which it might have for its population, it is certainly risking the health of citizens, who voted for them in the election.
The Czech government wants to implement in the Czech republic since 2020 the 5G system, which will increase the intensity of microwave electromagnetic energy in the republic tenfold and occasionally even hundredfold and there will be no place, where someone could hide from its effects .
In February of this year the U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal inquired in the US senate if there were any experiments carried out which would prove that implementation of the 5G system will not harm human health. The reply was that no such experiments were conducted . All over the world there were published thousands of experiments proving that the 5G system is threatening people's lives. In this and folowing articles we will draw the attention of the readers to individual dangers to which the Czech government will expose Czech citizens, if it implements the 5G network without verifying its effects and effects of intensity of its electromagnetic radiation on living organisms. To our first Open letter to the Czech government, where we showed that occurence of cancer disease in the Czech republic is growing together with growing intensity of electromagnetic radiation in the atmosphere, we have received no reply.
It is actually well known that resistence of bacteria against antibiotics is rising. For example in the USA at least 2 million people become infected with germs resistant to antibiotics each year and more than 23 thousand die . In the European Union there are yearly more than 25 thousand deaths due to antibiotic-resistant bacteria .
Last year a group of Iranian scientists published an experiment, where antibiotic resistance of bacteria increased when they were exposed to microwave electromagnetic radiation. The scientists isolated two types of bacteria from patients in a hospital, placed them in a special dish and added to them in different places different types of antibiotics. Then they exposed the mixtures to microwaves produced by WiFi (2,4 Ghz) and 900 Mhz, produced by some cell phone systems. After six to nine hours of exposure the effectivity of some antibiotics decreased by up to 30% in comparison to control group. After 12 hours exposure the effectivity of antibiotics almost returned to pre-experiment values Other scientists in other countries reported similar results, when they exposed bacteria and antibiotics to microwaves
Iranian scientist wrote in their report, that the decrease of effect of antibiotics on bacteria depends, among others, on the intensity of electromagnetic fields, which they are exposed to. If the intensity of electromagnetic fields which we will be exposed to with the implementation of 5G cell phone system should increase tenfold and occasionally hundredfold, then we are going to risk, that with the implementation of 5G system, without sufficient research on interaction of bacteria, antibiotics and microwaves, the mortality in the Czech population during the flu epidemics and other infections will grow. It would serve a good purpose if the members of the Czech government would realize that they could be among the victims.
In the USA, where the law forbids towns and cities to prevent the implementation of the 5G system in their streets and premises, more than 60 cities and towns filed a class action lawsuit against this legislation. Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Portland, Baltimore, Austin and Dallas are among them , .
Petition to the Czech government against implementation of 5G system without preliminary research you can sign at the address , the International petition at the address
People who would like to join the effort to stop the implementation of 5G system without preliminary research in the Czech republic can write to the . Especially we would welcome anybody who would know how to disseminate this information on Facebook, Twitter etc.

In the name of the Citizen's Association for the Ban of Manipulation of the Human Nervous System by Radiofrequency Radiation, Mojmir Babacek, the chairman

There are ZERO studies showing safety of 5G : Senate Hearing - 7th Feb ...


Every elected representative, at every level of Local, District, County & National Government has an explicit responsibility to ensure that their decisions take account of the Health & Well-being of their Electorate ... so, when even the Telecomms Industry representatives acknowledge that there are ZERO academic or scientific studies which declare 5G as safe, WHY are they not taking any interest in the concerns being expressed by an increasing number of Scientists?