Friday, December 1, 2017



Understanding the memory attacks (blocking your real memories and injecting false memories and impulses) are key because if you do not recognize modification of your 'active memory' the system will cause you to briefly lose time perception which may be enough procedural [functional] disorientation to influence you to respond to an injected impulse. Forced speech for example.

It is possible for the system to influence you to speak or act unwillingly or, at the very worst, without you knowing it.

For example, if you are susceptible to the systems influences you may not realize that it is frequently or constantly influencing you to make minor choices. These motivational impulses can also be used to influence you in a manner that will give you the desire to speak, and I emphasize desire because you need to understand that these impulses will only make you feel the urge [at higher levels set by the attackers] or basic motivation [at baseline levels] to perform the tasks it is influencing you to do.

Now in combination with this motivation to speak the system uses past references to direct you - for example, you personal memory of turning to speak to your wife and the associated impulse - and when you react to this influence the system will block your working memory while streaming the desired output which will result in you making one or more statements under the system's control.

They will test this on you frequently with 'word substitution' and if you can learn to control this in thought then you can control it while speaking but you must learn to multitask constantly and to read memory!

If you do not have a 'working reference' to return to after the forced speech attack it is possible that you will have no recollection of making the statement. So you must learn to read ACTIVE MEMORY.

Seeing the relationship between your memory references and the systems output [which can be a specific directed energy attack, an audible forced speech sequence, etc., is critical to understanding how to control and ultimately defeat 'thought-triggered' attacks in addition to preventing the attackers from deceiving you with their cognitive magic tricks.

You should be able to redirect the system during 'formulation' (collecting data by reading your mind) or prevent 'predictive integration' (interpretation of data from injected thoughts and impulses) altogether, but when you learn to stop integration, realize that the system will be waiting for completion and will 'probe' you for a response. It will begin to 'inject' again if you attempt to ignore it so unless you have extremely high memory skill and have learned the 'quenching' technique, redirection may be the easiest option.

They will also abuse you in every way possible to convince you that they're in control when you will be able to see clearly that they are nothing more than idiots who need to spend more time studying the systems they are abusing people with.

As you learn to defeat the predictive capabilities of the system (quenching, redirection, multi-tasking and spontaneity) their attempts to restrict your 'reference choices' will become increasingly evident and you will begin to perceive what I will describe as 'functional duality' [it might also be described as focal duality] within your working memory. The CIA/DIA Hive Mind Teams and the RNM system's prediction error rate will dramatically increase and its attempts to predict your thoughts or intentions will become humorous if not simply annoying.