Sunday, November 26, 2017

RF Mind Control

Go to article: "How the Weak Electromagnetic Field of the Brainwave can be Amplified at a Distance"

The brain has a unique working frequency for each person, called unique bioelectrical resonance frequency of the brain, or unique brain frequency. This frequency can be used to distinguish people and thus, obtain and alter the electrical activity of your brain remotely, the so-called remote mind control. The details of this technology are written in Portuguese language site, but has the option of translation into English. (

Malaysia and US Government NSA collaborating .

Electronic Rape - What the chip signals sound like (Stop 007)

Dr. Katherine Horton demonstrates what the electromagnetic signal sounds like when the Intelligence Agencies trigger the chips in the genitals of victims to rape them electronically by remote control. The signal to listen to is the near-continuous beeping sound.

A professional measurement engineer who came to Dr. Horton's home to measure the electromagnetic signals from the weapon attacks recognised that beeping tone as a "Pager signal" but couldn't place it beyond that and considered it highly unusual.

Dr. Horton has the impression that it is precisely that beeping signal that is what is communicating with the non-consensual body chips that she has.