Saturday, April 8, 2017

Has the potential to trigger/stimulate the innate negative tendencies in the Targeted Individual, such as - • Suicide [Mainly] • Accident • Alcohol Use • Violence • Crime • Mental Instability • Self-destructive tendencies, Etc All crimes have detrimental, debilitating, destructive or lethal effects on the life of a victim- the same with CGS. The phenomena of "Gang Stalking" can be implemented via Court Orders. A process of victimization begins. The victim is made helpless. No matter what justifications and arguments supporting TI side of the case, the Court turns a blind eye to them. They inflict disadvantages and losses on the life of " the to be victimized person” – the TI. This is a covert operation. They psychologically, morally and financially weaken a person. This is primarily a technique to induce suicide.