Saturday, January 28, 2017

5th PUBLIC CEASE & DESIST APPEAL to MI5 & MI6 (Targeted Individual) (Sto...

We demand world Government to remove all form of technology used to experiments humans, animal and weather modification,

Dr Katherine Horton appeals publicly for the 5TH TIME to Andrew Parker (head of MI5) and Alex Younger (head of MI6) to cease the attacks against her since she continues being mutilated publicly with microwave weapons. This week, she has survived another set of assassination attempts.

0:00 Request to cease & desist 
0:00 Oath
0:48 Horrific, premeditated attacks continue from neighbouring homes and vehicles used for attacks
1:15 Infection with electromagnetically active nanoparticles or viruses
2:33 Attacks vibrating left arm with irradiation until collapse from pain
3:35 ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT paralysing arm in public swimming pool
4:05 Attacks are SEXUAL SADISM and a crime against humanity, not even weapons testing
4:50 After 4 public appeals to cease & desist agents mounted even more psychopathic assaults
5:17 Paralysing arm with vibrations in the middle of driving car in traffic
5:50 Repeated ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS with shots to head in the turns of the serpentines near Swiss military police car on road outside Davos on Monday night 23rd January 2017
7:59 Tail-gaiting on the motorway with "Broken Fate" written on the back of the car, then microwave irradiation of the head
9:54 Sadistic sexual arousal of men is main goal of these attacks
12:00 Dear Heads of MI5 & MI6, is this the best they can do?
12:40 Sex-abuse of MI5 & MI6 agents
13:35 Deep Capture of MI5 & MI6 and best way to recapture
14:59 Fake emails and GCHQ-style threats and intimidation and references to "Arbeit macht frei" slogan of German death camps
16:30 PUBLIC systematic violations and mutilation of victims
17:05 Sexual services for powerful men is the main goal of the mutilation program, that's why the violations grow harder and harder
18:20 Run-away clinical psychopathology and Deep Capture
18:55 Testimony of desperate mostly female victims
22:05 Help with breaking MKUltra programming
23:00 Company pivot out of abysmal performance
24:57 Dear Andrew Parker (MI5), dear Alex Younger (MI6), please stop the attacks against me.