Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Psychopath Magnets Exposed - Dr Paul Marko interview

We Malaysians demand the Government to Ban all form of mind control technology , gangstalking, v2k , D2k and other mind invasive technology. Dr Paul Marko explains how the pyramidal structure of the various organizations that run the world serve only the interests of the psychopathic elites and stifle the expansion of human consciousness. 

He points to structures that not only OUTPERFORM the traditional pyramidal organizations of the rulers, but also can be used to TAKE DOWN the current power structure and STOP THE CRIMINALS that not only sit on humanity but gangstalk, torture with microwaves, child traffic, push drugs and orchestrate wars. This timely idea may give impetus for the turn for the better that we have all been awaiting and anticipating. 

The interview itself was severely sabotaged and Dr Horton, a victim of the intelligence agencies, was continuously assaulted with directed energy weapons. Nevertheless, this important interview with Dr Marko was assembled and the attacks that were suffered only serve to underline the urgency with which the world needs to pivot away from pyramid organisations.

Read Dr Marko's Parable of the Triangle and the Ellipse: