Sunday, January 22, 2017

Stop 007 - Targeted Individuals: The War on Civil Society

I and my brother victim of these crime. we demand world government to remove these technology immediately. THIS VIDEO IS SEVERELY SABOTAGED: The video track was shifted and the picture speed also stalls in places. It is best listened to as an audio-only podcast.) Dr Katherine Horton explains how the secret services have repeatedly declared war on our civil society in the recent past and have moved to systematic maiming and murder. This is exactly what happened over and over in the world, especially spectacularly since the second World War but also before as secret services have always been instrumental in the overthrow of civil societies throughout history. Dr Katherine Horton also explains how two things can help the decent members of civil society win this war against the clinically insane in the intelligence agencies and elsewhere in power:

1. the mathematics of complex networks
2. decentralised autonomous groups of individuals of high integrity.

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