Saturday, January 21, 2017

Dr. Katherine Horton Discusses Gang Stalking, Energy Weapons, and What t...

Me and my brother victim of these crime in Malaysia since 1972 and thousands of people around the world being victim of the same ,Dr. Katherine Horton joins the World Beyond Belief to explain the basic realities of gangstalking; stalking, life interference, directed energy weapons and more. She then states the obvious conclusion that all of the researchers of this phenomenon, child trafficking, munitions and drug running have come to: all of these atrocities emanate from the intelligence agencies around the world including but not limited to the CIA MI5 MI6 Mossad, NSA and on and on. So we know the problems and we know the root cause, now just action is needed to put an end to this ruination of mankind by espionage agencies. For more information visit: and

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