Monday, January 30, 2017

Preparing for court cases! (Targeted Individuals) (Stop 007)

Dr Katherine Horton explains in detail how victims can prepare for the upcoming court cases against the intelligence agencies.
0:00 Targeted Individuals
0:40 The intelligence agencies are in Deep Capture and out of control
1:05 Human experimentation for junk science
1:40 70-80% of the victims are women
3:30 Deep Capture in our intel agencies, police and courts
5:10 Psyops and brainwash: "conspiracy theory" and "tin foil hats"
7:00 Professional saboteurs, con artists, assassins against single women
8:35 Don't fall into learned helplessness, sue them!
9:00 Acts of war: truncating communication channels
9:10 Intelligence agencies are running a dirty war on the women in society - these are crimes against humanity
9:40 Intelligence agencies are playing ignorant and stupid
11:20 Try many things to fight them at the same time!
12:00 What to do to MOVE TO COURT CASES!
12:20 Courts have the power to stop the government
13:00 Now we are going to shut these things down for good!
13:40 Mix of individual cases and class / group actions
17:00 Find lawyers
17:35 Find other victims WHOM YOU TRUST for a class action
19:00 If you don't have money find Pro Bono lawyers
19:45 Crimes against humanity from the biggest Nazi/Communist/Psychopath System ever seen in the history of mankind
21:35 LEGAL POINT: Crimes against humanity don't have a limitation period (meaning there is no deadline). 
22:45 LEGAL POINT: These PREMEDITATED crimes are being committed by the intelligence agencies
24:47 You don't have to prove every last detail about the technology and do the full forensics yourself to get for example an injunction in court
26:00 Any police officer / station refusing help is captured - they have to be removed
28:00 LEGAL POINT: Check standard of proof for an injunction
30:00 LEGAL POINT: The character and past behaviour of the Respondent (so the intelligence agencies) in a court case is also relevant
32:35 LEGAL POINT: You don't need a secret ("in camera") trial because you don't need to discuss classified information
34:33 LEGAL POINT: Their "neither-confirm-nor-deny" policy is no worse than a 
36:00 People in the victim community are compiling a list of references to show the background of the technology and answer a list of Frequently Asked Questions
38:25 (1) KEEP A LOGBOOK
40:10 (2) MAKE BACKUP COPIES OF THE LOGBOOK (photo, cloud storage)
44:10 LEGAL POINT: Combining evidence from independent people who all report the same is strong evidence.
44:50 (3) Collect all forms of evidence: physical, photos, video, audio.
46:11 (4) TESTIMONIES (from friends, family, experts)
52:30 LEGAL POINT: Any sabotage you experience in preparations is PERVERTING THE COURSE OF JUSTICE
54:30 (6) Photograph gang stalkers and cars that follow you, record number plates with the colour and make of the car
58:20 Example of victims tracking down agents using photographs
1:01:00 (7) Following up on gang stalkers will likely uncover real criminals, so it is a SERVICE TO SOCIETY
1:03:50 Documents are being prepared to help you (FAQ, reference lists) and some high-calibre people are helping us behind the scenes

- Capture & Deep Capture:
- Psychopath Magnets:
- Psychopaths:
- Deprogramming from brainwash:

Saturday, January 28, 2017

5th PUBLIC CEASE & DESIST APPEAL to MI5 & MI6 (Targeted Individual) (Sto...

We demand world Government to remove all form of technology used to experiments humans, animal and weather modification,

Dr Katherine Horton appeals publicly for the 5TH TIME to Andrew Parker (head of MI5) and Alex Younger (head of MI6) to cease the attacks against her since she continues being mutilated publicly with microwave weapons. This week, she has survived another set of assassination attempts.

0:00 Request to cease & desist 
0:00 Oath
0:48 Horrific, premeditated attacks continue from neighbouring homes and vehicles used for attacks
1:15 Infection with electromagnetically active nanoparticles or viruses
2:33 Attacks vibrating left arm with irradiation until collapse from pain
3:35 ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT paralysing arm in public swimming pool
4:05 Attacks are SEXUAL SADISM and a crime against humanity, not even weapons testing
4:50 After 4 public appeals to cease & desist agents mounted even more psychopathic assaults
5:17 Paralysing arm with vibrations in the middle of driving car in traffic
5:50 Repeated ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS with shots to head in the turns of the serpentines near Swiss military police car on road outside Davos on Monday night 23rd January 2017
7:59 Tail-gaiting on the motorway with "Broken Fate" written on the back of the car, then microwave irradiation of the head
9:54 Sadistic sexual arousal of men is main goal of these attacks
12:00 Dear Heads of MI5 & MI6, is this the best they can do?
12:40 Sex-abuse of MI5 & MI6 agents
13:35 Deep Capture of MI5 & MI6 and best way to recapture
14:59 Fake emails and GCHQ-style threats and intimidation and references to "Arbeit macht frei" slogan of German death camps
16:30 PUBLIC systematic violations and mutilation of victims
17:05 Sexual services for powerful men is the main goal of the mutilation program, that's why the violations grow harder and harder
18:20 Run-away clinical psychopathology and Deep Capture
18:55 Testimony of desperate mostly female victims
22:05 Help with breaking MKUltra programming
23:00 Company pivot out of abysmal performance
24:57 Dear Andrew Parker (MI5), dear Alex Younger (MI6), please stop the attacks against me.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Psychopath Magnets Exposed - Dr Paul Marko interview

We Malaysians demand the Government to Ban all form of mind control technology , gangstalking, v2k , D2k and other mind invasive technology. Dr Paul Marko explains how the pyramidal structure of the various organizations that run the world serve only the interests of the psychopathic elites and stifle the expansion of human consciousness. 

He points to structures that not only OUTPERFORM the traditional pyramidal organizations of the rulers, but also can be used to TAKE DOWN the current power structure and STOP THE CRIMINALS that not only sit on humanity but gangstalk, torture with microwaves, child traffic, push drugs and orchestrate wars. This timely idea may give impetus for the turn for the better that we have all been awaiting and anticipating. 

The interview itself was severely sabotaged and Dr Horton, a victim of the intelligence agencies, was continuously assaulted with directed energy weapons. Nevertheless, this important interview with Dr Marko was assembled and the attacks that were suffered only serve to underline the urgency with which the world needs to pivot away from pyramid organisations.

Read Dr Marko's Parable of the Triangle and the Ellipse:

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Stop 007 - Targeted Individuals: The War on Civil Society

I and my brother victim of these crime. we demand world government to remove these technology immediately. THIS VIDEO IS SEVERELY SABOTAGED: The video track was shifted and the picture speed also stalls in places. It is best listened to as an audio-only podcast.) Dr Katherine Horton explains how the secret services have repeatedly declared war on our civil society in the recent past and have moved to systematic maiming and murder. This is exactly what happened over and over in the world, especially spectacularly since the second World War but also before as secret services have always been instrumental in the overthrow of civil societies throughout history. Dr Katherine Horton also explains how two things can help the decent members of civil society win this war against the clinically insane in the intelligence agencies and elsewhere in power:

1. the mathematics of complex networks
2. decentralised autonomous groups of individuals of high integrity.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Dr. Katherine Horton Discusses Gang Stalking, Energy Weapons, and What t...

Me and my brother victim of these crime in Malaysia since 1972 and thousands of people around the world being victim of the same ,Dr. Katherine Horton joins the World Beyond Belief to explain the basic realities of gangstalking; stalking, life interference, directed energy weapons and more. She then states the obvious conclusion that all of the researchers of this phenomenon, child trafficking, munitions and drug running have come to: all of these atrocities emanate from the intelligence agencies around the world including but not limited to the CIA MI5 MI6 Mossad, NSA and on and on. So we know the problems and we know the root cause, now just action is needed to put an end to this ruination of mankind by espionage agencies. For more information visit: and

Friday, January 20, 2017

Known Pastor Gets 3 Disturbing Visits From Gov Agents-Shares Horrifying ...

NSA and world Governments actively involved in criminal activities, they depriving our rights to think logic and they control our thinking. refer to my police report in my time line.
NSA and world Governments actively involved in criminal activities, they depriving our rights to think logic and they control our thinking. refer to my police report in my time line.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Stop 007 - DESPERATE emergency appeal to colleagues

This is Dr Katherine Horton's emergency appeal personally addressed to her old colleagues. She appeals to them and everyone who might view this video to please write on her behalf to the 4 men who can stop the attacks on her.its same in Malaysia. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Detected suspicious radio frequency signals at home

Detected suspicious radio signals as if it was coming from my skull
using RF detecttor, at home.( LIM from Sibu Sarawak, TI From Malaysia.)