Sunday, October 23, 2016

U S Citizens Targeted With Electronic Weapons Now Gone World Wide - from...

In this interview, Dr. Karlstrom shares essential insights gleaned from top organized gang stalking experts, including former U.S. Army intelligence officer, Julianne McKinney; physician and author, Dr. John Hall; private investigators, Roger Tolces and David Arthur Lawson; and author and HAARP expert, Dr. Nick Begich. Dr. Karlstrom explains some of the most important of their conclusions. Namely, organized gang stalking is a modern covert weapons system still being tested and refined. And it is the modern extension of the CIA's MKULTRA and FBI’s COINTELPRO programs of previous decades which combines 1) elements of state-citizen-spy-terror networks developed by the Soviet and East German communist secret police (Cheka and Stasi, respectively) and 2) the use of high-tech directed energy weapons, aka “electronic weapons." Tune in and learn about the next generation in social control and covert warfare now being directed against and tested upon the civilian population of America and the world. Your tax dollars at work!
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