Monday, August 29, 2016

Brussels Multicultural Demonstration Against non consensual micro chipping

Brainjacking – a new cyber-security threat
August 23, 2016
The security of medical devices is critical to good patient care, especially when the devices are implanted. In light of recent developments in information security, there is reason to be concerned that medical implants are vulnerable to attack.
The ability of attackers to exert malicious control over brain implants (“brainjacking”) has unique challenges that we address in this review, with particular focus on deep brain stimulation implants.
To illustrate the potential severity of this risk, we identify several mechanisms through which attackers could manipulate patients if unauthorized access to an implant can be achieved.
These include blind attacks in which the attacker requires no patient-specific knowledge and targeted attacks that require patient-specific information. Blind attacks include cessation of stimulation, draining implant batteries, inducing tissue damage, and information theft.
Targeted attacks include impairment of motor function, alteration of impulse control, modification of emotions or affect, induction of pain, and modulation of the reward system.
We also discuss the limitations inherent in designing implants and the trade-offs that must be made to balance device security with battery life and practicality.
We conclude that researchers, clinicians, manufacturers, and regulatory bodies should cooperate to minimize the risk posed by brainjacking.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

The community organized assault and also infrared computerized directed energy weapon human body people cooking, cooking victims from set ups in garages or parallel rooms to the victim house, front, back, side to side or a few houses within range.
Young people are hired, with no real purpose in life, retirees, and those just needing the extra cash are recruited then willingly partake, reported by untold numbers of innocent victims placed into a horrific illegal torturing programs for the victim of focus in hopes of destroying, covertly, the victim.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Belgian MP prosecutes ICATOR leader Vritschan for visit to man MP impris...

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Belgian Green Party President MP seeks incarceration of EU Citizen’s Group leader Melanie Vritschan for lawfully visiting TI targeted individual unlawfully imprisoned 20+ months as “psychiatric prisoner” after constituent Facebook argument with MP