Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Scientific American magazine ran an article in 1995 describing how a strand of DNA became ten thousand times more conductive in the presence of the superconductor ruthenium. Additional experiments demonstrated that a combination of DNA and carbon coated rhenium, another superconductor, achieved this state at room temperature. Thus, when DNA is extracted from a living being, dried and added to a superconducting compound it appears to enhance the compound’s superconductivity at temperatures nature prefers. Thus, we can speculate that when DNA is nestled cosily in its friendly environment within the nucleus of a cell, it behaves as a superconductor, acting as a balancer of opposing magnetic forces, allowing another dimension of energy (Vril-the Life Force of the Gods) to enter into its midst.

Mind control and how it work via satellite microwave /ELF, all of us know that cells in the body are communicating using 1hz to 1.5 hz electricity, and our DNA of each person has code, and all of us know DNA act as SUPERCONDUCTOR.  That means modern technology has given to GOVERNMENTS AROUND THE WORLD TO CONTROL HUMAN AND MANIPULATE BRAIN ACTIVITIES AND INDUCE ILL HEALTH.    http://www.vrilology.org/gods_dwell_within_us______ev1.htm