Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Burden of Proof:

Thus far the burden of providing proof, and of exposing the crimes of technological targeting and covert harassment, has fallen upon the weary tortured shoulders of Primary Targeted Individuals, as if we do not already have too much to deal with. 

    I feel that, in order for this critical situation to begin being remedied for ALL of humanity, the rest of humanity is going to have to find the HEART to take on more of that burden.

    Every Primary Targeted Individual is surrounded by witnesses - we are all surrounded by friends and family members who have witnessed unusual chains of odd events like brake failures on vehicles, tire blow outs, belongings moved in homes, unexplainable medical problems, unusual chains of deaths, unusual emotional swings, constant chaos at strategic times...etc. The problem right now is that they are unaware mind control victims. Some have even been recruited into the targeting program.
    These witnesses are being called to find the HEART and the courage to stand up and prove these crimes to the rest of humanity. 
    I believe that more of them will stand with us, instead of with the criminals who are targeting humanity, as soon as the main stream media starts exposing the technologies that are being criminally used on ALL of us. 

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