Friday, September 20, 2013

42 days after "microwave mind control" complaint, Alexis kills 12

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WASHINGTON, September 18, 2013 – There was a Newport, Rhode Island police report summarizing an early morning complaint in August by Washington Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis.  
Alexis complained that an individual he had an altercation with in an airport had “sent 3 people to follow him and keep him awake by talking to him…using ‘some sort of microwave device.’”

Was this a first red flag leading to an alarming portrait of a defense contractor suffering from mental illness?  Or fact?
What caused Alexis to voice this complaint on August 7, 2013, 42 days prior to embarking on a shooting rampage at the Navy Yard, leaving 13 workers dead and more questions than answers? 
Law enforcement officials close to the investigation have reported to the press that the stock of Alexis’ shotgun had been carved with “Better off this way” and “My ELF weapon.”
Alexis complained that persons were “...keep(ing) him awake by talking to him…using ‘some sort of microwave device.’”

IN MALAYSIA... I do believe Many incidences can be related to the above similar "microwave mind control" victims which is very hard to identify and also cannot be proven in the court of law.

1. School children can be controlled to fail exam
2.School teachers can be controlled to rotan the children excessively.
3.Bus drivers can be controlled.
4.Businessman can be controlled to cheat them.
5. Computers can be controlled to destroy them.

As you browse below all the details I have written to IGP Malaysia, till to date we have not received any reply.

Govt Mind Control Technologies with Dr. John Hall

Dr.John Hall describing issues related to Government surveillance programs.  I believe Malaysian BN Government using the same technology and torture its own citizens to implement NEP.