Tuesday, October 15, 2013


WikiLeaks has released a video showing former NSA contractor Edward Snowden in Moscow. He is receiving the Integrity in Intelligence award from the Sam Adams Associates - a group of former intelligence and US law enforcement officials who have all become critics of government surveillance programmes. This is the first time Snowden has been seen and heard in front of cameras since being granted temporary asylum in Russia. Report by Katie Lamborn..

Mind control/ surveillance programs /Abuse of Neurology weapons/ satellite base surveillance program, these are the latest technology being use by all the governments around the world in the name of National Security, to what extend these technology is being used, nobody knows, and all these weapons are non lethal( cannot be verified by any medical doctor or chemist ).

In Malaysia I believe Malaysian BN Government using mind control weapon to torture fellow citizens subliminally without the knowledge or consents.  


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