Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jesse Ventura: Targeted Individuals

Mind Control around the world...........I am a victim for almost 40 years in Malaysia. I am demanding Malaysian Government to expose who is behind these crime. its almost one year, Malaysian Prime Ministers office, Ministry of Home Affairs-Public order & Security Division not given me any reply to all my letters.
I strongly SUSPECT all the governments  around the world is using these technology.

The above You Tube gives detail about how these technology is being used.

Targeted Individuals are victims of a Stasi-Decomposition in America brought on by too many wars since 911 with the Patriot Acts I, II now III; The First Patriot Act signed right after 911 was followed by the Space Acts Oct 19, 2001. If you haven't read it please do and spread to all concerned citizens.

Recent revelations prove Senate and Sub-Committee members now know it's Fusion Centers and Neighborhood Watch Infra guard type groups targeted Americans placing them on Terrorist Watch Lists. Your Gang Stalkers are COINTELPRO from secret Fusion Center workers, the Police and their Watch Block types and Homeland Security that makes up all agencies in the sky and on the ground. 

Victim's have National Security letters filed on them in Secret Fisa Courts by Secret Committees (See Top Secret America & The Monitoring of Americans) for the unyielding and out-of-control federal workers due to too much Counter-Terrorism (Cointlepro). This also goes on online from fake bloggers to social networks taken over by NSA groups and data centers among others who purchase our information from secret Fusion Centers.

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My police report on DIRECT ENERGY WEAPON usages while victim (TI) drives car.....these criminals are capable of creating road accidents....please scroll bottom of these page.