Friday, August 31, 2012

V2K: Voice to Skull

01. Do your attackers ever play “good cop/bad cop” (one says something ugly to you or tells you that you are doing some task wrong and another one of the attackers defends you or compliments you)?   YES
Eight TI  said that at one time or another the attackers played good cop/bad cop. One target said “no.”
02. If you get induced dreaming, is there a particular theme to the induced dreams? YES
Eight TI answered “yes.” One target said that there was no particular theme but that all of the induced dreaming was to build anxiety.
03. If you get induced dreaming, when you awake do you feel anxious, frightened, or upset? YES
Seven targets said “yes.” Two targets said “no.”
04. If you get the induced dreaming, do you actually see the other actors in a dream or do the attackers tell you who the others are? NO
Eight targets said that they actually see the other people with whom they are interacting. One target said that he sometimes sees them and sometimes he’s only told who they are but does not see them. Sometimes, he is not even told who they are.
05. If you get the induced dreaming, do you actually see yourself in the dreams or are you simply told by the attackers that it is you?   I DONT SEE MYSELF , BUT LED TO BELEIVE.
Only four targets actually see themselves in the induced dreams. The other five only feel that it is they or led to believe that it is they.
06. Do your attackers attempt to induce anxiety in you by talking about dead relatives and people whom you once liked very much but are now out of touch with? YES
Seven targets said “yes.” Two targets said “no.”
07. Do the attackers ever use the expression “(Name of a person) is crazy about you?” Or “(Name of a person) wants you?” If so, which one? MOST OF THE TIME .YES
Seven targets said that at some point in their targeting or very often the attackers use those expressions. Two targets said “no.” 
08. Do the attackers ever suggest or tell you that you are sexually attracted to a person who is no longer living? NO
Seven targets said “no.” Two targets stated “yes.”
09. Do the attackers ever suggest that you are not patriotic?  IN MALAYSIA NON MUSLIM ALWAYS NOT PATRIOTIC FOR 100 YEARS.
Six targets said “yes.” Three targets said “no.”
10. Do the attackers attempt to take credit for negative things that happen in your life? YES
Eight targets answered “yes.” Only one target said “no.”
11. Do the attackers try to convince you that you have committed a crime or a sin? MOST OF THE TIME.
Eight targets answered “yes.” Only one target stated “no.”
12. Do the attackers ever express anger and frustration? (Please explain.).THEY FIGHT EACH OTHER OVER A PETTY ISSUES.
Six targets said “yes” and two said “no.” One answer was not clear.
13. Do the attackers talk negatively about particular ethnic, political, or religious groups?  ALWAYS
All nine TI  said that the attackers talk negatively about a particular group.
14. Do the attackers ever tell you that you’re “hardheaded” or stubborn?  I AM WORST THEN ANY CRIMINAL IN THEIR LIFE.
Eight targets said “yes.” Only one target said “no.”
15. Do the attackers ever suggest that if you do certain act or think in a certain way that they will cease their attacks? ALWAYS.......
Seven targets said at one time or another the attackers hinted that if the targets did as the attackers wished, their attacks would cease. Two targets said “no.”
Are there any indications that make you think that your attackers are very well educated? SOME OF THEM.
Five targets said “no.” Two targets said “yes.” One target said “sometimes.” One target did not answer the question.
17. Do you ever hear recordings of professional-sounding speakers or “sermons” (other than the regular V2K speakers)?  TOP MILITARY AND FBI
Five targets said “no.” Three said “yes.” One did not answer the question.
18. Do the attackers ever use particular trigger words and expressions or show you holographic images that make you feel a sexual arousal? YES
Seven targets said that they are triggered into sexual feelings. Two said “no.”
19. Do you ever feel slight vibrations on your genitals while the attackers are talking? DIDNT NOTICE
All nine targets feel the vibrations.
20. Do the attackers often give you commands when they know that you are going to do that action anyway (washing your hands, brushing your teeth, closing the door, turning out the lights, etc.)?  YES
All nine targets answered “yes.”

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Radio Frequency Mind Control

Many types has been used by certain Governments around the world today to control citizens mind and conciousness :-
1.  Gang Stalking and Mind control
2. Direct energy Weapons or Neurology Weapons.
3. Electronic harassments.
These are few of the names available on You Tube and the Technic use by all the countries around the are differ from one another.

Ordinary civilians find it difficult to understand these top secret weapons used against ordinary people in the street. Even if anyone happen to explain what is happening to their  mind and thinking....the listeners or doctors will not entertain. Why are these technologies being use by top secret executive members of the world government bodies?

Sunday, August 26, 2012


We Malaysian not at all aware that technology is controlling human life and day to day of that technology is Neurology weapon. this technology can control human nervous system and subliminally control human thoughts from DISTANT. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Dr. Barrie Trower - 30 Minute Reality Update

Dr. Barrie Trower micro wave warfare expert from London. and in Malaysia former Malaysian Prime Ministers Son Mr.Mazhan expose the same in  in this website you can refer on title                 "MALAYSIAN VICTIM"  and clik on Former Malaysian Prime Minister ( Dr. Tun Mahathir Muhamad) son Mr. Mazhan's name  it will leads you to Mr.Mazhan webpage, there you will notice, discloser about mind control and mental torture in Malaysia.