Tuesday, December 13, 2011

By Jane Kiesel  ( TI from USA )

The Chains No One Can See

They watch me all the time
they see me in the bathroom
they watch me takes showers
they watch me through my tears
for years and years and years.

they know what I am thinking
they record all of my dreams
they know where I am going
it's crazy as it seems.
they block my right to love and work
no constitutional rights for me
they can make me have sex with them
and make sure I'm never free.

they can give me pain and heart attacks
and cause me to be disabled
any experiment they want to perform
and then they can prove I am unstable

they can make me hot
they can make me cold
I once was young
now I'm old
I wanted to love again, 
have children, live life!
No one can see these weapons that bind me
that can stab me like a knife

there are no secrets anymore
with my family or my friends
half of me just died and ended
though I can't say how or why or when

they use me for all kinds of things
and rape me when they need
they want me to excell at thoughts
and fly like I have wings

all the terror and all the fear
people stealing all my years
how can I prove all this is real
when no one can see what I feel?

1 comment:

  1. I know what it is they are doing to you. I chose to follow you. Please, do the same. You're not alone any longer.