Saturday, September 17, 2011

America's Secret War - MKULTRA Mind Control

  • The whole world is compartmentalized into duality & they dont even know it. Decompartmentalized PTSD patients awaken to a world where they must face themselves. Then they discover we are really facing a mad society & that PTSD patients werent crazy for thinking the world is absolutely crazy. We then discover that the norm is far from normal. I unknowingly hypnotize people & sometimes hypnotize myself. A example is that objects can dissapear from sight, yet its laying on the table in front of you

  • We are all blocked on the reality of hollow planets and moons or "hollow earth". Officially the Earth is "a spherical space lump".... That's official. To me it means that there is an innerworld or concentric surface and they not only look like outerworld natives, but are "in charge, suppressing, and oppressing" mostly with disinfo. and false premise. Don't think the Earth is hollow? If one can get beyond the nonsense authority and status spew; it's easy to figure out.

  • i might have been a victim of mind control..Except the people who did it to me were my parents and teachers living out their normal control fantasies. They just got a little cranked on the death threating behavior. It's a natural hierarchal behavior to want to use fear of death in control of others. In my case i was getting it on 3 different "channels of adversity" & they were all 'at war" with one another. They were all excessively in"donk"trinated.


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