Saturday, July 3, 2010

Remote Mind and Body Manipulation

Most of the religion concept introduce by OS are all fraught and never been real, investigation into the reality of dream of saint, gods and angles are all bullshit. Most of them are not real and all the religion has its own culture.
Psychotronic been used to manipulate and induce believe system into human mind.

If investigation is done on OBE and also physic nature of spirit life reveals that the actual position of saints and angles are completely different in nature.

The symptom is very easy, you can look at your own self where we are going in our life itself.:-
are we have strength of changing human nature or feel pain on suffering of others?
are allowing God to handle?
are we contented being what we are?
are we violently and becoming killer?
are we concern for future of this world?
are we making any attempt to make others to what level?
are we praying and just keep quite?
are we able to see is there any change around us?


Consciousness, the Brain and Spirituality A Quantum Connection?

(.... A clinical anesthesiologist, Dr. Stuart Hameroffs 30 years of academic research have focused on consciousness, anesthesia and computational abilities of microtubules, self-organizing protein polymers within neurons and other living cells. In 1994 Hameroff teamed with British physicist Sir Roger Penrose to develop a controversial theory of consciousness based on quantum computation in brain microtubules, a theory which connects consciousness to the fundamental level of the universe. ....")


In many ways this makes complete sense. At the most fundamental level, all matter (including life) and energy is just phase-transitioned warped space in the fabric of the universe. According to Einstein's classical theory of gravity, general relativity; matter, energy, and pressure warps space in three dimensions plus time. So, what is consciousness in relations to the rest of the universe? On the surface of it, consciousness appears to be a function of electrical/bio-chemical processes (energy). Thus, it is not too farfetched to believe that our individual conscious thought do momentarily express itself in some dimensional framework, perhaps different from the three spatial dimensions we commonly encounter, plus time. Consciousness may be the quantum psi superposition between matter and energy and time.

Bob D.